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The Venus Factor Review and Results!

by Sarah Brown

Hey ladies!

My name is Sarah Brown and I am a guest writer for Freedom Press. They have picked up on my recent experience with a new women's weight loss program (from John Barban) called the Venus Factor. They read my friend's personal blog and asked if I could share my story here on this website.

You're probably wondering why they'd want me to share my Venus Factor story here so let me just introduce myself and share everything in a short video (for those who are in a hurry or don't like to read):

My Video About Venus Factor

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If you visit the website mentioned in the video itself (if viewed on YouTube or just visit, you'll notice that is a personal blog regarding my own experience with John Barban's program. I'm very technically challenged so I do not have a website of my own. My best friend was kind enough to help me out, and that also led to the invite for me to write an article right here!

I don't really want to re-write everything here verbatim since it's already covered on our blog, but I will be happy to share the significant and relevant parts of my experience anyways.

My Experience

I had been struggling with my weight for quite some time. Having to endure childbirth three times did not help my physical situation (although I would of course do this again in a heartbeat since I love my kids).

Perhaps you can relate, but it doesn't mean we have to suffer for it for the rest of our lives (as I had thought).

However, since we're on the topic of pregnancy (although Venus Factor works for any overweight women), it does bring up a major point with respect to weight gain and weight loss (for women especially).

Hormones play a major role in fat storage and burning fat because if they are not in balance, a woman's body fat percentage can quickly grow out of control even if we are eating healthy and exercising regularly.

The good news is, if we use the techniques in the Venus Factor program and overcome leptin resistance (and restore or create a healthy balance to our hormones) we will naturally lose weight even while still being able to eat the foods we crave!

And... without painfully spending hours upon hours in the gym!

Venus Factor is based on years of scientific research and clinical studies by renowned female physiologist, biologist, and nutritionist John Barban.

He has discovered that the key to weight loss for women lies in a major biological difference between men and women.

I don't want to even attempt to explain this type of stuff, but it is all covered in the free video presentation on the official website: Click Here

But... what's even better is that I didn't have to understand any of that stuff for it to have worked for me!

That's the beauty of the whole program. It contains very easy steps to follow, and before I knew it, I began to feel healthier and look much leaner.

We don't have to undergo any crash dieting or endure strenuous physical exercise because John Barban knows that most humans do not have the will power to stick to a plan like that. Also, these types of diets can have an adverse affect on our bodies and cause us to gain back all the weight plus even more.

What the Venus Factor seems like it did for me was it sort of re-programmed my body's hormones and the weight just started to gradually disappear naturally (no pills, meal packages, herbal supplements, operations, or anything of that nature).

All in all, I was able to lose over 33 pounds in the first 16 weeks. As you'll read on our personal blog though, I stand a proud 5 foot 5 inches tall.

After having used the program for well over 6 months now, I am maintaining a healthy 129 pounds (as opposed to an embarrassing 192 pounds) without hardly any effort, and I feel like a completely new person. To be quite honest, I feel alive again!

Anyways, thanks again to Freedom Press for allowing me to share my story, but also thank you for taking the time to read it!

I wish you ladies all the best and good luck!

Best wishes,

Sarah Brown


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